Together, let’s make Cincinnati more beautiful than ever.

We invite you to be among the first to discover off-market properties for rehabbers capable of acting fast. 

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Over the past 22 years, Mitch and Matt Painter have sold 650+ Cincinnati properties – including more than 60 in the past year alone. Almost 100% were distressed. 0% were listed with a broker.

We buy off-market properties and quickly sell them to rehabbers who make them shine. If you’re a cash buyer committed to rehabbing Cincinnati properties, the Cincy Rehab Deals list is your chance to get in on opportunities before they hit the open market, get the return on investment you need, and grow your business with us. While contributing to the beautification of Cincinnati. 

Hope to be as successful as property
rehabbers on popular TV shows

For us, this is more than a business. It’s a passion. With our rehab partners, we’re out to leave a permanent imprint on the city of Cincinnati. This is your chance to take the most unattractive house on a block and turn it into a gorgeous home – one that creates lots of lasting memories for a new family. And in some cases help a seller out of a financial crisis, for a win/win.

For the right Cincinnati rehabbers, we believe working with us is an opportunity to live a dream. Hopefully, getting on the list will be the start of a great long-term relationship with us. We’re looking forward to seeing your name on the List. 

Why this rehabber of 220+ Cincinnati properties buys from the “Cincinnati Property Twins.”

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“Mitch and Matt Painter are honest and expect their customers to be the same way. If they bring it to me I can count on it. They’re an important partner in my business.” 
– Steve McGraw

You’re a candidate for the list if you:

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Are seriously into rehabbing
distressed Cincinnati properties

Do at least one rehab deal per year
in Cincinnati – or plan to

Are able to buy at least one property
per year for cash (no loan needed)

Can close on a deal within 7-10 days of initially seeing a property

Recent Example – Pleasant Ridge

Purchase price from Painter twins: $70,000 
Rehab, selling, and money cost: $46,173 
Sale price: $161,000

Profit: $44,827